My favorite things about Texas that remind me of home

Savannah Manhold
Savannah Manhold
Published on January 21, 2021

With amazing news coming in recently that HP Oracle was in the process of relocating their California headquarters to Houston, it made me excited that more Californians were on their way. As some of you know, California is my home state. It has so much to offer and things that I adore. Knowing how hard it is to relocate to someplace new, in which so many people have tried to put as completely opposite from where you’re coming from, I decided to share things that my two states have in common. Hope you enjoy!

From kayaking and SUP on Lake Woodlands, daydreaming along the trails of Brazos Bend and bird watching at the Katy Prairie Conservancy, making a tough decision on where to camp with the endless choices of Texas State Parks, nature is all around us in Texas. Now if you’re the more adventurous type, join a biking group like Bayou City Cycle Club and set a goal to complete the MS150, or choose a soccer or rugby league to not only get in your physical activity but meet others that have relocated to the area! While the summers here in SE Texas may be brutally hot compared to some portions of California, the options to be active and be one with nature, like at home, are endless!

While Texas wines don’t hold a candle to the perfection of a California red, it definitely fills a little bit of the homesick pangs, and the cultural cuisine doesn’t hurt either! Houston is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the US, with each suburb and center bringing a unique blend of backgrounds, cultures, religions, and celebrations. Find the best in Asian cuisine in Katy Asia Town or Bellaire Chinatown. Get fitted for the perfect gagra choli in Hillcroft. Do a TexMex tour at the plethora of restaurants across town (but don’t pass up the authenticity of food trucks!). And don’t worry….when you are REALLY missing home, we even have In & Out (but be careful when trying to compare it to Whataburger in these parts).
But let’s get back to the wine…and let’s throw some spirits and brews in there too while we are at it! Explore the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail, and take part in the yearly Montgomery Wine & Music Fest. Wine not your thing? No worries! Check out Houston Food Finder’s recent list of the 10 Best Breweries in Houston and Kev’s Best List of the 5 Best Distilleries in Houston!

You’ve probably already been told that your dollar can go further in regards to homes in Texas, so I won’t rub that in (but it does!) We have the advantage of space to spread out so it’s no wonder that it’s possible.

  • If you’re one to love the more urban lifestyle, Houston area builders have utilized the “more with less” approach, where 3 story townhomes are the floorplan of choice. With this option, you get walkability to neighborhood parks, ease of commute, and rooftop views that entertain and amaze.
  • But you’ve been dreaming of owning chickens, maybe a horse or two, and being more sustainable…I’ve got you! Acreage lots are plenty and filtering through those that fall under an HOA or city limits and regulations should be left up to the professionals.
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